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Frequently Asked Questions

To help serve you better, below are a few commonly asked question from changing room reservations to how to purchase gift certificates

To help serve you better


For complete details on parking, please visit the Bellagio parking information page.

Does Bellagio offer Accessible Rooms?

Our 22 accessible Deluxe Rooms in the Spa Tower and 63 accessible Resort Rooms in the Bellagio Tower offer roll-in shower access, shower chair, lavatory rails, convenient closet shelving and lowered amenities. Hospitality kits for the hearing impaired, as well as wheelchairs, are available through our Bell Desk. In addition, we offer two rooms with Hoyer "Handi Move" electronic lifts, which enable a person to move from a wheelchair to the bed, toilet, or shower bench without assistance. The lifts have a maximum weight limit of 300 pounds. The bathroom lift in the king bedded room moves between the toilet and the shower stall. The bathroom lift in the queen bedded room moves between the toilet and the soaking tub. The roll in shower is wheelchair accessible. The beds in both rooms are adjustable. Please inquire with the Bell Desk for availability by calling 702.693.6555.

Does Bellagio offer wheelchair and scooter rentals?

Wheelchair and scooter rentals are available at the bell desk on a first come first serve basis for Hotel guests. A refundable deposit is required.

Can you send me a brochure on the hotel?

Our hotel brochures do not contain pictures of our guestrooms. We recommend obtaining information about Bellagio on our website www.bellagio.com. However, if after reviewing this site you would still like our hotel brochure, please e-mail us at roomres@bellagioresort.com. Please be sure to include your name and mailing address.

Does Bellagio offer Dynamic Currency Conversion?

Dynamic Currency Conversion is a convenient service that offers international guests a choice of paying for their room and purchases in their local currency or US Dollars. Bellagio offers this service to our international guests at the Front Desk, VIP Lounge, Pool Operations, and via the Contact Center as well as Casino Marketing. There are no hidden fees and the exact price is known at the time of the purchase or charge. This benefits guests in offsetting existing fees directly associated with international credit cards and is available in International MasterCard and Visa transactions.

Can I apply for Marker Signing Privileges prior to my arrival?

You may apply for Marker Signing Privileges by completing an online application form. To submit an application through our secure server, click here. For more information regarding Marker Signing Privileges, please contact our Casino Credit Department at: P.O. Box 98955 Las Vegas, NV 89195-0295 866.990.7111 FAX: 702.693.8588

How can I find out about special promotion dates?

Contact our Room Reservations Department at 888.987.3456 or 702.693.7444. You may also sign our Guestbook on our web site to receive information on specials via e-mail.

I want to get married at Bellagio. Can I have a packet of information sent to me?

To obtain information on our Wedding Chapels access our website under the category 'Amenities' or contact our Wedding Chapel 888.987.3344 or 702.693.7700. You may also fax our Wedding Chapel Department at (702) 693-8560 or email the Wedding Chapels at weddings@bellagioresort.com.

Can I make or change a room reservation via e-mail?

Contact our Room Reservations Department at 888.987.6667, 702.693.7444 or email at roomres@bellagioresort.com. You may also fax our Room Reservations Department at 702.693.8546

Can I make O Show tickets via e-mail?

'O' Show tickets are available on our website at www.bellagio.com under the category 'O-Cirque du Soleil'. Tickets are on sale 120 days prior to the date requested. You may also contact MGM Resorts International Show Reservations line at 888.488.7111 or 702.796.9999 from 6:00 a.m. - 11:00 p.m. daily.

Can I make a spa or salon appointment via e-mail?

Guests and non guests may schedule an appointment with the Spa up to 3 months in advance of the day requested by contacting the Spa at 702.693.7472 between the hours of 6:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. daily. Salon appointments may be scheduled up to 3 months in advance of the day requested by contacting the Salone at 702.693.8080 between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. daily.

Does Bellagio have a CD or a video of the Fountain Show?

We offer a CD containing some of the songs used in the performances of our fountains. Copies may be obtained by contacting our Tutto gift shop, open 24 hours, at 888.549.7111 or 702.693.7762. You will find a list of all the songs, composers and artists of the music played during the performances of the fountains on our web site at www.bellagio.com under the heading "Attractions." Unfortunately at this time there is no video or DVD available of the performances of the Fountains of Bellagio.

Do you have high speed Internet access in your guestrooms?

Our guestrooms are equipped with wireless internet. Guests have access for a 24-hour period beginning at sign-on for $14.99. Our Business Service Center offers mini office suites with computers and Internet access. They also offer a high-speed connection that you may connect your equipment to for Internet access. For rates please contact the staff at 702.693.7070 or at 866.757.7111, email bsc@bellagioresort.com or by fax at 702.693.8585.

I would like information regarding your player's clubs.

For reservations or information regarding the MGM Resorts International Players Club call 888.987.7887 or visit www.playersclub.com.

Can I purchase gift cards for Bellagio

Bellagio Gift Cards are available in any amount ranging from $5 up to $2500. They may be purchased through the Bellagio Business Services Center.

Can I request a donation from Bellagio?

The social investments made by MGM Resorts International are dedicated to strengthening the communities where our employees live, work and care for their families. For this reason our charitable contributions are focused in Nevada, Mississippi and Detroit, Michigan and our giving areas focus on development of at-risk youth, public education, community development and diversity. If your request falls within these geographic and giving priorities, please visit our website at http://www.mgmresortsfoundation.com/ for more information.

Does Bellagio Have a Dog Policy?

Bellagio is pleased to welcome you and your dog(s) as our guests. We welcome dogs up to 40lbs, or two dogs with a combined weight of 40lbs. There is an additional $125.00 per night fee plus tax per reservation. Please contact the Contact Center for full details and reservations at 888.987.6667

Slot Tournaments & Events

What is a slot tournament?

In a typical Bellagio slot tournament, players compete against each other to win large cash and FREEPLAY® prizes by accumulating the most points during multiple rounds of slot machine play. Participants are randomly assigned to slot machines and are given unlimited spins for a preset amount of time. It is not necessary to put money in the machines. Players win points as they hit winning combinations on the reels and the more spins completed within the set time, the greater the chances are to enhance the total score. The scores for all the rounds of tournament play are totaled to determine the overall tournament rankings.

How does a slot tournament work?

Players are assigned their session times during slot tournament registration (for more information see tournament registration question below). At the tournament, the emcee will announce session times and welcome guests into the tournament arena, which is normally held in one of Bellagio's luxurious ballrooms. Players sit at the machines they were randomly assigned at tournament registration. On the count of three, everyone in the session begins hitting the button on their machine and plays for the duration of the round. Players are awarded points by hitting winning combinations on their machine's reels. At the end of the session, a slot club representative comes around to record everyone's score. After tournament play, participants are welcomed to stay in the tournament arena and enjoy the event, or come back later for their next session. After all rounds of tournament play, guests will return to the tournament arena for the awards ceremony where the winners are announced.

Are there other activities involved in a slot tournament besides playing the machines?

The Bellagio Slot team is dedicated to providing guests with an exciting, action-packed experience. Live cooking stations, bands, dancers, entertaining emcees and other surprises are just a few of the exciting aspects that are often present at a Bellagio tournament! Food is typically served buffet style and guests are welcome to eat and enjoy the open bar and entertainment throughout the day. In addition, tournament invites often include a complimentary room and other Bellagio amenities to enjoy during the tournament.

How much can I win?

Prize structures vary depending on the tournament. Top prizes range from $20,000 to a Million dollars in Cash! And, one thing is for sure - at Bellagio everyone is a winner! Even the last place finisher wins a prize. Each tournament's prize structure can be seen on its respective page at Bellagioslots.com.

Does it costs money to participate in a slot tournament?

To keep it exciting for guests, Bellagio offers different prize formats. Therefore, some tournaments are free and some require a buy-in. Buy-in tournaments typically have a set number of participants that Bellagio will not exceed. This ensures more favorable odds and a better chance of winning. Furthermore, the buy-in money collected from each player will be added to the tournament prize pool. This allows for even larger cash prizes!

How do I get invited to a slot tournament?

Slot tournaments are reserved for invited Bellagio casino guests. To become a casino guest simply sign up for a free M Life Players Club card at mlife.com or at the Players Club desk located in the heart of the casino, and use it while gaming at Bellagio. Tournament invites are sent prior to the event via mail and email to customers who qualify based on their historical gaming activity. The criteria for receiving invites varies based on the event, but in general it takes an average of 6,000 slot points a day to begin receiving invites. If you would like information on how to qualify for a specific event, navigate to the event's page on Bellagioslots.com and fill out the "Event Registration Request" form.

When I arrive at Bellagio for a tournament how do I know where to go?

To make your experience as care-free as possible, Bellagio posts a schedule of events on Bellagioslots.com a few weeks prior to each event. In addition, when checking into the hotel, tournament guests receive a welcome letter outlining exactly when and where to go for registration, tournament play, and the awards ceremony. If you still have questions about what to expect when you get here, feel free to give us a call at 888.987.7887.

What happens at tournament registration?

Tournament registration typically takes place the day before tournament play starts. At registration, players show their Players Club card and randomly select their tournament machines using one of the computer stations available. The machine numbers selected, play times, and tournament location will be clearly marked on credentials given to players. In addition, as a thank you for visiting Bellagio, players will choose a welcome gift from one of a few options. Gifts vary for each tournament, but FREEPLAY® is always an available option. Physical gifts are typically shipped to customers' residences shortly after the tournament.

How often does Bellagio host tournaments?

Bellagio hosts slot tournaments approximately once a month. A full schedule of events can be seen by clicking on the slot tournament within the Special Events graphic on the main page of Bellagioslots.com.

Are all slot tournaments the same?

Not at all. Bellagio strives to provide a unique experience at every slot tournament by varying themes, décor, food, and entertainment. Tango Dinero, an Argentinean themed slot tournament, Pigskin Payoff, a football themed event, and Oktober Fearfest, a Halloween and Oktoberfest themed event, are just a few of the exciting tournaments that have recently taken place. In addition to changing the tournament theme, Bellagio occasionally varies the scoring structure. The most common slot tournament format consists of three rounds of play. Other formats include: the best three out of four scores, twin tournaments offering players two chances to win, re-buy rounds to replace the lowest score, and bracket style tournaments where players advance to higher prize pools.

Holiday Gift Shoppe points are drawn for at the awards ceremony for alot tournaments. What are the points good for?

Holiday Gift Shoppe is M life's end-of-year shopping extravaganza. Players earn Holiday Gift Shoppe Points by playing slots throughout the year, or they can be won at events such as slot tournaments. Guests then return to Bellagio between November 28th and December 13th and use their points to redeem fabulous gifts such as jewelry, sporting goods, electronics, gift cards, FREEPLAY® and more. More information can be found at mlife.com


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