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Belllagio Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas
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Las Vegas Massage - Bellagio Spa Massage Therapies

Las Vegas Spa - Massage Therapies


Athlete's Revival

This custom sports massage incorporates integrative stretching and massage work on all of the major muscle groups. Your therapist will focus on specific trigger point areas and use hot stones to help loosen, relax and release tight areas. Followed with Cryoderm gel application to soothe and calm the tissue, this session is perfect for the dedicated athlete.

80-minute session      Sun-Thu $250 | Fri & Sat $260

Bellagio Custom Massage

Request this personalized session for your very own specific blend of pressure and techniques by your therapist. Upgrade and add one of our enhancements to make your experience as relaxing & pampering as you would like.

50-minute session       Sun-Thu $160 | Fri & Sat $170
80-minute session       Sun-Thu $235 |Fri & Sat $245
100-minute session       Sun-Thu $320 | Fri & Sat $330

Bellagio Signature Stone

Our signature stone massage combines therapeutic hands-on techniques with soothing warm stones. This includes specialty aromatherapy oil from Spa Bellagio and a cooling eye treatment enhancement—making this one of our best spa samplers.

50-minute session       Sun-Thu $175 | Fri & Sat $185
80-minute session       Sun-Thu $250 |Fri & Sat $260
100-minute session       Sun-Thu $350 | Fri & Sat $360

Couples Massage

Unwind side by side, each with your own personal therapist in the same private environment. Indulge in this massage with the combination of aromatherapy, warm stones and our Hot Toe Bliss.

50-minute session       Sun-Thu $175 per person | Fri & Sat $185 per person
100-minute session       Sun-Thu $350 per person | Fri & Sat $360 per person

Deep Coconut Surrender

This concentrated deep tissue massage focuses on detailed therapeutic muscle work and decadent pampering in perfect balance. Luxuriate in warm hydrating coconut milk and warm stones as firm pressure is focused on the back, neck and shoulders.

80-minute session      Sun-Thu $250 | Fri & Sat $260

Expecting Mother

A soothing relaxation massage for women in their second and third trimesters. A complimentary gift for the mommy-to-be is included.

50-minute session      Sun-Thu $160 | Fri & Sat $170
80-minute session      Sun-Thu $235 | Fri & Sat $245

In-Room Massage

Enjoy a Bellagio Custom Massage in the comfort of your own luxurious hotel room.

60-minute session       Sun-Thu $190 | Fri & Sat $200
90-minute session       Sun-Thu $275 |Fri & Sat $285
120-minute session       Sun-Thu $380 | Fri & Sat $390

Refresher Mini-Massage

This 20-minute back, neck and shoulder routine will invigorate and rejuvenate the whole body.

20-minute session       Sun-Thu $85 | Fri & Sat $85


Custom Cabana Massage

A custom-tailored massage with your choice of aromatic oil,performed in your cabana or ours.
50 minutes $160
80 minutes $250

Floating Bliss

The absolute best way to beat the heat and get pampered at the same time is in the pool! Relax on a float and drift into a state of bliss as you receive detailed hand and foot work.
20 minutes $60
40 minutes $120

Poolside Pronto

Let our massage therapist help melt away the tension without ruining your tan! Poolside, at the convenience of your lounge chair.
*Extended time available upon request.
15 minutes $55

Delizia Del Piede

Transcend into delight and indulge into relaxation as your therapist restores and refreshes your feet with a relaxing exfoliating ritual followed by a detailed foot massage. Hand, neck and shoulder work included.
50 minutes $160

Kiss of the Sun

Sunscreen or tanning accelerator application from one of our talented massage therapists.
5 minutes $10

Full Spa access included for services over 40 minutes.
Refer to Host for additional information or to book a service.



Completely decompress your body and mind with our groundbreaking aquatic session. Using weights for resistance and the reduced-gravity setting of our private 94-degree pool, your therapist will help you increase flexibility and release tension held deep within muscles and joints. Bathing suit required.

50-minute session      Sun-Thu $210 | Fri & Sat $220
70-minute session       Sun-Thu $285 | Fri & Sat $295

Couples Learn-To-Float Massage

Learn to support and stretch your partner in the healing waters of our private aquatic therapy pool with the facilitation of one of our aquatic therapists. An additional hour of privacy in the therapy room is included, ensuring total relaxation and a deep connection between the two of you. A Spa dining menu is available for an additional fee.

120-minute session      Sun-Thu $300 per couple | Fri & Sat $310 per couple

Watsu® Massage

An aquatic session combining Zen Shiatsu and stretching while gently floating in our private 94-degree pool. Strengthens the mind-body connection and provides a profound sense of relaxation. Bathing suit required.

70-minute session       Sun-Thu $285 | Fri & Sat 295

Aquatic Therapy Room

The aquatic therapy room is available for private booking. A Spa dining menu is available for an additional fee. Based on availability.

60-minute session      Sun-Thu $100 | Fri & Sat $100

Add any enhancement to your session for a completely tailored Spa Bellagio experience. ($25 each)


Restore and renew by adding a custom blend of pure oils to your massage and take home a gift of your own custom blend.

Cooling Eye Therapy

Chilled marble stones are massaged around eyes. Organic chamomile cold compresses are then placed over the eyes to reduce puffiness, leaving you feeling refreshed and renewed.

Exfoliating Gommage For Back Or Feet

Soften and polish your skin with our silky grapeseed scrub, followed with warm towels to leave you radiant.

Hot Oil Scalp Treatment

An upgrade that nourishes the scalp with our rosemary and sage blend to stimulate hair vitality and shine by massaging directly into hair and scalp. In addition, a hot towel turban is comfortably placed on your head to maximize absorption.

Hot Toe Bliss

Warm stones are used to massage the calves and feet as small stones are placed between the toes. This enhancement is perfect for the weary traveler.

Mud Masque

Rich in nourishing minerals, the application of warm mud deeply penetrates into the muscles of the back to soothe and detoxify.

Paraffin Hands or Feet Treatment

Soften your skin and provide relief to sore joints and muscles while we wrap your hands or feet with warm wax booties or mittens.

Warm Stones

Warm stones massage throughout the length of the body to increase circulation and loosen tight muscles.

Services and prices are subject to change.

Las Vegas Spa - Bellagio Spa - World Therapies

Bellagio Las Vegas Spa World Therapies

Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy

This ancient form of barefoot bodywork uses deep compression techniques to give one of our deepest, most luxurious sessions.

50-minute session        Sun-Thu $175 | Fri & Sat $185
75-minute session      Sun-Thu $250 | Fri & Sat $260

Danza Delle Mani Massage

Inspired by the elegance of the Fountains of Bellagio, flowing hands that emulate waves convey the artistry of this choreographed massage performed by two therapists in perfect unison. This treatment begins with dry brushing to prime the skin for the nourishing effects of warm organic sesame oil. Your journey then continues with strong tranquil movements and transitions ending in a meditative finale with a luxurious Shirodara treatment. Flowing oil stimulates energy points, resulting in renewed radiance and a profound sense of inner balance.

50-minute session      Sun-Thu $350 | Fri & Sat $360
30-minute Shirodara Session      Sun-Thu $435 | Fri & Sat $435

Hand, Foot and Scalp Royal Ritual

Enjoy being treated like royalty as you lay comfortably on your back. This treatment is a detailed massage specialized for hands, feet and scalp and will relax the whole body and mind. Your choice of an enhancement is included.

50-minute session       Sun-Thu $160 | Fri & Sat $170
80-minute session       Sun-Thu $235 | Fri & Sat $245

Essential Oil Detox Massage

Drops of the purest nine essential oils are applied in a raindrop-like fashion along the spine followed by a light relaxation massage to encourage the body’s natural detoxification process while calming tension and anxiety.

80-minute session      Sun-Thu $250 | Fri & Sat $260

Thai Yoga Massage

Traditional Thai massage on a mat combines acupressure, energy balancing and stretching to help improve flexibility, relaxation and energy levels. Please wear loose-fitting clothing.

50-minute session       Sun-Thu $175 | Fri & Sat $185
75-minute session       Sun-Thu $250 | Fri & Sat $260

Poolside Cabana Massage

Indulge poolside with a variety of services from one of our trained therapists. You may choose a Bellagio Custom Massage, Revitalizing Cool Stone or Chair Massage. This massage is seasonal. Please ask your spa representative for availability.

50-minute session       Sun-Thu $150 | Fri & Sat $150
80-minute session       Sun-Thu $240 | Fri & Sat $240

Services and prices are subject to change.

  • Hours of Operation:
    Open daily 8:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.
  • Reservations:
    Spa Bellagio takes reservations three months in advance.
    We suggest you make your reservations as far in advance as possible due to limitations on select appointments.
  • Call 702.693.7472 for reservations.
  • Groups or Large Parties
    Contact our Spa and Salon Group Coordinator Sarah Perrings to discuss planning ideas and arrangements for groups of 10 or more guests.
  • Spa Use and Admission
    Spa services are available to guests age 18 and older. There are specific treatments offered in the Salon for those younger.
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