Artist Studio

Kisho Mwkaiyama

June 2018 – January 2019

Located at Bellagio

In an effort to expand our company’s commitment to art, we have invited acclaimed Japanese artist Kisho Mwkaiyama to produce a series of artworks titled Vendarta 100: Six Elements and the Seasons for the MGM Resorts Fine Art Collection. Mwkaiyama’s artist studio is located adjacent to Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art. Featured in the studio is a guest lounge where visitors are invited to witness Mwkaiyama at work, speak with him, view his artist catalogue and learn more about his artistic practice.

Born in Osaka, Japan, Mwkaiyama spent his childhood on Mount Koya, known as one of the most prominent locations of esoteric Buddhist temples. As a child, he found himself enticed by the tranquil environment of his surroundings and the Buddhist art that existed within it. This experience led Mwkaiyama to concern himself with the fundamental presence of light. His series of works on canvas titled Lunar, beautifully captured the fleeting faintness of natural light to create works that transformed in correspondence to the surrounding atmosphere. Mwkaiyama has stated that, “The abstract light of the soul is an invisible material that breathes together with life while kaleidoscopically repeating its radiance ... My works convey the prayer that dwells within the soul enveloped by the body.”

Image courtesy of the artist and Yutaka Kikutake Gallery.